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Deep Breath

Before the first scheduling post gets published this next Saturday, I wanted to clarify something so we’re all on the same page about these posts.

Time is weird. And the posts deal with time weirdly as well, in order to give you all enough time to make awesome sauce lesson plans. So basically each post goes live about 8 days before the day that the post refers to. To make things uniform, I’m going to write each post in the POV and timespace of the Sunday it refers to.

In other words, the post for September 7 will be published August 30, but throughout the post I will write as if I’m in September 7. Because I am a Time Lord. I’ll do my best to use specific time references rather than relative time references, but in case I slip up, remember that I’m in the future.

Headache yet? Yeah, try writing all these posts a month before they’re scheduled to publish a week before the day they reference. #WibblyWobblyTimeyWimeyStuff

And don’t panic if the layout and design of the blog change–it’s frustrating to me that so few themes support Vietnamese text and look good. Just make sure it says that HT life at the top!

I’ll see you all on the other side!
Until then, peace out everyone~

Readings for Sunday (9/24)