9.20.15 – 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Xin chào, everyone!

In case you somehow missed it, the new TNDS sinh hoạt year started last week! And something else that also debuted recently: #popemoji!


Every digital age Catholic’s dream has now come true: we now have POPE FRANCIS EMOJI. There’s even a Eucharist sticker so we can potentially write Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể all in emoji now. Because who needs typing when you can EMOJI.

Anyway, onto the schedule for today!

  • 8:00 – Sinh hoạt begins with morning prayer – Tr. K
  • 8:10 – Attendance – Tr. MK
  • 8:30 – So Hàng Dọc (Cấp 1) – Tr. TN
    • So Hàng Dọc (Cấp 2) – Tr. H
    • don’t forget chào and nghỉ as well!
  • 9:00 – Bathroom Break
  • 9:10 – Name Games and Ice Breakers, continued
  • 9:40 – Closing Prayers and head up to Mass to be seated by 9:50 – Tr. K

Attendance will probably take a while for the first month or so until we officially split them into đội after we have ĐT/ĐP, but I hope it doesn’t actually take twenty minutes so that they have more game time. Also, if you’re not assigned to lead/teach a game/lesson, you’re still expected to sit in on them and help out if necessary (unless you’re out of town, of course).

And that’s a wrap! Dance practice for TNDS20th will start next week; stay after to help out if you can!

Until next time, shine on!

Today’s Gospel Reading
Did you know? Phoenix has Catholic Radio!