9.13.15 – 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First day of TNTT!!

*happy dance*

So today the schedule is more of a list of things we’re doing, more than am actual schedule…. Since it’s the first day, we’ll have to be extra flexible, what with attendance and roster adjustments, khai mạc, and họp phụ huynh and everything.

8:00 – sinh hoạt begins, TrMk will take attendance and with everyone’s help, sort the kids roughly into cấp 1 and 2.

After we’re settled, we’ll go over rules and expectations with các em, and then play ice-breaker/name-learning games. I ask everyone to brainstorm some games for các em to play. This is also for us to learn their names, after all~

Then we’ll start winding down at 9:30 so that all of us, các em and HT are all seated for Mass by 9:50 at the latest.

During today’s sinh hoạt, we’ll have khai mạc at some point, which we’ll have to adjust our activities with. Also, there’s họp phụ huynh at 9:30, which doesn’t affect us except they might use our room. So just be aware. 🙂

And that’s all, folks! First day schedule, complete!

Dance practice will probably start soon, so if you can stay to help with that and/or other show prep stuff, that’d be awesome!

Until next time, shine on!

Gospel Reading for today
Just for fun: Virtual Audience with Papa Francis