Other than the 904-paged Catechism of the Catholic Church (which, FYI, is the same age as I am) and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) States-focused actually-in-understandable-American-English explanation (both of which I have at home), there are plenty of readable resources for our spiritual growth and formation available everywhere. From apologetics to youth ministry, from nuns to the Pontifex himself there are endless resources at our disposal for fact-checking, myth-busting, and self-improvement when it comes to our life and faith. Check out some favorites that I’ve linked to!

Please also note that when referencing any bible passage, HT should verify the passage translation. Even if the passage given is “quoted,” at least check the source. The USCCB has a list of approved Catholic translations of Sacred Scripture, which includes but isn’t limited to

  • Books of the New Testament, Alba House
  • Contemporary English Version – New Testament, First Edition, American Bible Society
  • Contemporary English Version – Book of Psalms, American Bible Society
  • Contemporary English Version – Book of Proverbs, American Bible Society
  • The Grail Psalter (Inclusive Language Version), G.I.A. Publications
  • New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE)
  • New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition, National Council of Churches
  • The Psalms, Alba House
  • The Psalms (New International Version) – St. Joseph Catholic Edition, Catholic Book Publishing Company
  • The Psalms – St. Joseph New Catholic Version, Catholic Book Publishing Company
  • Revised Psalms of the New American Bible (1991)
  • So You May Believe, A Translation of the Four Gospels, Alba House
  • Today’s English Version, Second Edition, American Bible Society
  • Translation for Early Youth, A Translation of the New Testament for Children, Contemporary English Version, American Bible Society

So please be aware of this as you continue in your lessons and growth. Remember to BYOB! Bring your own bible. Get it? hahaha~ I want that last one for AN use. Agreed? 🙂


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