3rd Sunday of Easter – April 30, 2017



unless anyone tells me differently, we don’t have a lot of HT this weekend and on top of that, I’m scheduled to guest-teach HS for anh Long this week as well. I don’t know how long that lesson will take or when it will be during sinh hoat, but I’ll try to keep it short and get back to AN.


also we have kitchen duty, but given how few HT we have to plan on for sinh hoat, nganh au probably won’t be helping with kitchen duty this time.


and I know it’s getting to or is already crunch time at school for a lot of you, so I went ahead and planned some sinh hoat activities, but if you have other ideas, let me know!



each team will have a set of ten notecards, and the goal is for them to work together to fill out the keywords for MDTN in both Vietnamese and English and also put them in order.


each cap will have a different set of cards with different difficulties:

1) they’ll have seven cards already filled out, in either Vietnamese or English.

2) they’ll have five cards filled out similarly.

3) no cards will be pre-filled. they have to do everything themselves.


HT will obviously have to help with spelling and such. the AN are not required to be able to recite all ten; I just want them to understand the main ideas and associate them with the respective number.



each team will receive a word bank, and they must work together to spell out each of the words using the semaphore blob cards. each time they finish a word, they’ll call an HT over to check their work before moving on to the next word.


each cap will have a different word bank, which I’ll bring.


I’ll only be with AN for part of sinh hoat, and Van’s the only CDT who will be there, so he gets to make final decisions about things during sinh hoat if needed.


I don’t know how long these activities will take, or if you want to set a time limit of 20-30 minutes, but if there’s extra time, review kinh with them. they’ll have a final next week. I’ll let you know soon if there will be chao co or not, which will affect the length of the test. but let me know after how review goes, so that we can set how hard/easy the final should be.


don’t forget to give them a break around 9 ish, and do the Gospel first!


What do you think?

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