2nd Sunday of Easter – April 23, 2017

It’s Divine Mercy Sunday!!

But don’t forget, on Saturday the 22nd we have both NS Day and TN Day, so contact the respective NT for more information for that. Also on Saturday starting with 6pm Mass is retreat in preparation for voting day on Sunday at 3pm! May the Lord’s will be done!

For sinh hoat, we’ll play together all day as a nganh. we’re due for some leisurely bonding, so please be sure to join in on the fun, HT, and not just supervise from a distance~ I’ll be truc and we’ll have two main games, but if we have time for more, i’m gonna be asking for HT volunteers to lead something, okay? 😀

Don’t let me forget to ask for camp permission slips–deadline is May 7!

Sorry for the late notice! I got back from retreat and then promptly got sick. -.- God was serious about wanting me to rest….

Anyway, I’m excited to see you all again this weekend! Happy Easter!

shine on!

gospel reading
bonus: why Thomas was so doubtful


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