April 9, 2017 – Palm Sunday

hey! so the plan for palm sunday is up in the air as usual~ ^^;; anh kevin and huy are in charge of the activity, nganh thieu will truc for the day, and nganh au is in charge of scripture for everyone! but when all this will happen, i’m not sure. so thanks ahead for your flexibility!

some of the AN boys have entered their “girls have cooties” phase: one of the girls spoke up and was a bit hurt by the boys telling her she had cooties. so if you hear that happening, please gently remind the boys that behavior like that is not very kind. if the girls fight back and tell the boys they have cooties and/or that they’re dumb, please stop that too.

last but not least, we have 6 HT attending various cap 2 camps this weekend, and three of them are from nganh au! please keep thaonhi, baohan, and pauline as well as kim, ngan, and kevin in your prayers as they take another step on their HT journeys! may the force be with you!



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