April 2, 2017 – 5th Sunday of Lent



  • 8:00 – tập họp and prayers + announcements –> dismiss into cap
  • 8:10 – Gospel
  • 8:20 – review/games
    • per CDT discretion: if you’re done with review for your unit, play games and/or learn songs and give the kids a break
      • cap 1: thaonhi
      • cap 2: van & huy
      • cap 3: baohan & chris
  • 8:50 – break and prep for chao co
  • 9:00 – chao co
  • as soon as chao co ends (approx 9:20/9:30?)
    • head up to church for a how to kneel in Mass lesson
      • led by baohan with van and thaonhi assisting, but all HT should be there to help facilitate
  • 9:45 – closing prayers


CDT, please ask your kids about camp! they were given forms a couple weeks ago, so ask them about it. we have a lot of new kids, so they may not know what we mean by “camp”–just keep that in mind!

HT Notes

palm sunday
…let me know if you WILL be home that weekend. pls. 🙂 we’re doing doan activities while HT are off to cap 2 so we’ll need help.

i’ll update if there’s anything else


gospel reading


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