December 11, 2016 – 3rd Week in Advent


hi! so i know yesterday was a little crazy because of chao co and stuff but there was a good chunk of time during which was by myself with all the kids. i understand that chao co prep needed to happen and you all were involved in it, which is great and everything because you all are great, but maybe at least one of you could have come to check on how our nganh was doing possibly? please just be more aware in the future about how the nganh is doing and if any HT are alone and/or need some backup. helping with chao co is good but your nganh should be your first priority. BCH can handle chao co, and there are other HT in our doan as well, so there shouldn’t ever be a situation in which there’s only one HT left to take care of an entire nganh. so in the future please be aware of how sinh hoat is proceeding.

in other news, it’s rose sunday!
originally the schedule says today (12/11) is review day and (12/18) is test day, but I forgot that usually the last sinh hoat of December is an activity day. more importantly, I tried to get AN in hang ngang yesterday and it did not happen in any way, shape, or form. a handful of cap 3 kids were very, very confused as to why other AN were standing in every wrong place possible (including behind me), so I don’t think testing them on anything is fair. in lieu of a midterm, we will be drilling NT. details on how that will happen are still tbd because I need to figure out how to assign HT, but in any case, all HT should come prepared to review hang doc, hang ngang, circle, and turns for any cap.


truong truc: tbd for reasons stated above

  • 8:00 – tập họp and prayers + announcements
    • dance practice permission slips should be returned by next week (12/18). we will not accept late forms.
    • advent retreat today!
  • 8:10 – weekly gospel in cap
  • 8:20 – NT review
  • 9:40 – closing prayers
  • 9:45 – seated (and quiet) and ready for Mass!

HT Notes

dance practice for cac em is happening soon, and I’ll need help to run it. so far we’re planning for practice to happen in January on Saturday afternoons as well as during sinh hoat on Sundays. even if all you can do is come, sit, and study that’s cool with me–if you can actually help run practice, that’s even better. i just need another HT there. based on previous dances and accounting for a higher number of doan sinh this year, I’m expecting too many kids for me to handle. I’ve been planning on asking for help for weeks, but I didn’t think it was adequate for me to ask without being able to tell you when practices would be to help you determine if you can or not. if you can help, let me know! please and thank you!

mandatory Advent retreat for HT happens Saturday, Dec 10 from 5:30 to 9:00. be there!

the kids’ Advent retreat starts 10:00 on Sunday, Dec 11 until 3:00. The sisters will need our help, so be there too!

HT training day is on Dec 17–be there! HT winter bonding, too! watch out for the meeting notes so you can be there for that too!


Until next time, thank you!

Gospel Reading


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