December 4, 2016 – 2nd Sunday in Advent

happy catholic new year!

sorry this is late–I’m sick 😭

*note* northern ave will be closed this weekend for construction from 27th ave to 31st ave, so please be aware and make arrangements and don’t be late pls 😅

also remember that we have to be seated in the pews by 9:45 from now on!


truong truc: ThaoNhi

  • 8:00 – tập họp and prayers
  • 8:10 – songs review – HT will take turns calling AN into circles
    • actually a review for forming circles, but we’ll call it reviewing songs so they don’t get bored–different song for each circle please!
    • we’ll start with this first instead of lessons to account for people coming late due to traffic restrictions…..
  • 8:45 – Split into cap for weekly gospel, TT.5, and the rest of sinh hoat
    cap 1 – Spiritual Communion – Chris
    cap 2 – Living the Eucharistic Day 2 – Brian

    but in the workbooks it’s called Receiving Communion Everyday…?

    cap 3 – Living the Eucharistic Day – BaoHan
  • 9:45 – seated (and quiet) and ready for Mass!

Announcements for các em


HT Notes

• AN day updates coming soon
• AN Tet dance updates coming soon

Until next time!

Gospel Reading


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