October 30, 2016 – 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hello everyone! I totally tried to post this last night, but I got locked out of my account…. haha.

This week we’ll start doing Weekly Gospels in individual cap. CDT are in charge of Weekly Gospels unless otherwise assigned. 🙂


  • 8:00 – tập họp and prayers
  • 8:10 – BHT check-in! – Pauline
  • 8:25 – Weekly Gospel
  • 8:35 – TT.2
    • cấp 1 – Wine and the Blood of Christ – ThaoNhi, assisted by Chris
    • cấp 2 – Different Names for the Holy Eucharist – MyKha
    • cấp 3 – Origins of Eucharistic Adoration – BaoHan, assisted by Huy
  • 9:00 – Be Muon Len Thien Dang + Game
    • we’ll do this as a nganh and then play a game if they’re good. 🙂
  • 9:40 – closing prayers
  • 9:50 – seated (and quiet) and ready for Mass!

Announcements for các em

Saturday Nov 5 – TNDS Birthday picnic at the park!

HT Notes

AN meeting after Mass today!


Until next time!

Gospel Reading


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