October 2, 2016 – Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Greetings! Binh Minh is done and we have officially split cac em into doi and have new DT/DP! 🙂


Trưởng Trực: MyKha

  • 8:00 – tập họp, prayers, chia doi, Weekly Gospel
  • 8:20 – Special Lessons!
    • cấp 1 – Pauline, assisted by Jackie
    • cấp 2 – Tammy, assisted by Thao Nhi
    • cấp 3 – Amy, assisted by Hiep
  • 8:50 – break
  • 9:00 –  Chao Co
  • whenever chao co ends – Games! – all AN HT!
    • Growing Game – (basically that one evolution game, but with seedlings) play Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) with another person: if you win you level up to the next form, but if you lose you have to battle another person. If you get to the final form and win again, you get to enter paradise. The forms are Seedling, Flower, and Groot.
      • tumblr_ni7wihloge1u0fhdyo1_500
    • Birds in a Cage – two people make a cage with a birdie inside. on a – whistle, the cages open and they must fly to another cage. on •, they must find a new cage to be in. Birdies without cages are out.
    • anyone else have better games? 😀
  • 9:35 – closing prayers + bathroom break
  • 9:50 – seated (and quiet) and ready for Mass!

Announcements for các em

none that I can think of?

HT Notes

please come to binh minh on time! it’s early but please come early enough to help prep! 😀 thank you in advance!

Shine on!

Gospel Reading


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