August 28, 2016 – 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry this was late–I had unexpected situations arise with me not having access to internet, my stuff, or an ability to charge my phone, so I had a lot of trouble trying to organize things and send out the schedule. Especially after I accidentally cleared the info on the spreadsheet while trying to work with it on my phone…. Sorry! I did send a draft of the schedule early to CDT though, because I remembered most of it, so they should be in the process of following up on HT who are teaching lessons, but this is what I have so far:


TT: ThaoNhi

8am-tập họp and prayers

8:10 – Weekly Gospel – ThaoNhi, can you read this to the kids?

8:20 – Seedling Lesson 1
cap 1 – Jane and Martin

cap 2 – Ngan Tran and MyKha

cap 3 – Bao Han with Van assisting

other HT can prep for their lesson or assist with any cap

9:00am So Hang Doc

cap 1 – Chris, with Pauline assisting

cap 2 – Hiep, and chi Chieu assist please?

cap 3 – Tony, with Han assisting/supervising

And originally I was gonna have 9:30 Ice Breaker Games (just simple ice breaker activities that’ll be done by cap so that group sizes are more manageable, especially since most of them don’t know their phong trào commands and responses yet), but now that I’m writing out the exact schedule, I don’t think it’ll work out because it’s only ten minutes. we’ll use it as buffer time for water breaks and lost children since it’s still the beginning of the year and also still hot out.

9:40 – closing prayers

9:45 – sinh hoạt ends, head up to Mass

Sorry for all the confusion, and thank you for your patience!

All the best,


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