4.17.15 – the 4th Sunday of Easter


If you’re in training for Cap 2 camp, you’ll probably already have these minimum requirements, but if you don’t want to dig that out to check and/or if you don’t have the document, here’s essentially what the kids should know. 🙂 (BTW, the test is done in groups, but keep an eye out for which kids are superstars so we can give them tua. :D)


  • Rafael – Cap1: A – N
  • Gabriel – Cap2: A – N, and they should at least be familiar with the O – Z
  • Micae – Cap3: A – Z

MDTN (it’s been a while, so maybe cut them some slack?)

  • Rafael – Cap1: 1-5
  • Gabriel – Cap2: 1-5, and probably should know the keywords of 6-10
  • Micae – Cap3: 1-10


AN Ca, Kinh Dang Ngay, and Kinh Ruoc Le Thieng Lieng are the main ones

  • Rafael should be able to sing/recite along with HT for most of them
  • Gabriel should be able to sing/recite them with a little help maybe
  • Micae should definitely know AN Ca, Kinh Dang Ngay, and Kinh Ruoc Le Thieng Lieng. With our current batch, they should be able to help each other, lol.

Again, this will be fifteen-minute rotations, so we should be done at about 9. At that point, we can have a bathroom break and then I have a game. It’s an expanded version of the game I prepped for cap 2, which is just the Counting Game™ (aka Count to Ten). But now with food. 🙂 I just want to see how the Food Version works, or if it will work it all with a large number of kids. Basically we’ll have small bite-size bits of TBD snacks, and the kids will play the counting game as normal. Except instead of just counting numbers, they’ll be eating the bite-size portions. They can eat up to three (or five depending on how many I have) bits, and the one who eats the very last bit is out. (I guess we’ll play a couple rounds and all the out people have a punishment?)

If it doesn’t work out, we’ll just eat the snacks as normal, and play the Counting Game™ with the Baskin Robbins version (minus ice cream): the bomb number is 31, and each person can say up to five numbers.

Then the following week we have camp galore (so no sinh hoat) and then the week after is our last week for this school year! We’ll play games all day, so campers, have your games ready, haha 🙂

Thanks a bunch and GOOD LUCK AT CAP1&2 EVERYONE,







Gospel Reading
Just for fun: in case you’re into K-pop and un-ironically hilarious artists, here’s the making of EpikHigh’s Coachella poster, courtesy of Tablo the Great and Powerful


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