3.6.16 -4th Sunday of Lent

words of wisdom:

Anyway…  🙂

  • 8:00 – morning prayer
    • announcements
      • turn in your camp forms! camp is in less than a month!
  • 8:10 – Thieu Nhi Tan Hanh Ca Review! – Tr. KP
  • at some point, chao co will happen
  • then we’ll do Song-a-thon!
    • we’ll have three cans/boxes with slips of paper in them
      • Songs (the songs they should know)
      • Options (chipmunk version, make it a duet, high speed version, doppleganger aka split into dance-line and vocal-line to perform, avatar aka one representative for the whole team, line-by-line aka the team takes one line each to complete the song, etc.)
      • Action Chance (HT sing-along, song change, song only, dance only, check one line, review the lyrics, review the dance, etc.) 
    • they’ll split into two or three teams and then pick a Song and an Option from the can. Then they’ll try to perform the song according to the option selected. If they fail the first try and need help, they can pick a chance, but they have to do an action first to earn their chance (answer a TNTT review question, the team has to shake hands, they have to make an emoji face, make a cute face, meow like a cat, do the elephant spin 5 times, do the duck walk, or anything else we can think of at the time)
  • if the activities end early or they seem too bored to continue, we’ll use our Gospel workbooks
  • 9:45 – wrap up
    • remind them about camp forms!
  • 9:50 – seated and ready for Mass



Gospel Reading


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