1.31.16 – Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time



  • 8:00 – sinh hoạt begins with morning prayer! – Tr. TN
    • announcements
      • Tet is coming up and TNDS will have the next two weeks off for Tet: Feb 7 and Feb 14 (so we have both Dem Giao Thua and the day after the show/festival off)
      • dance kids should still meet right after Mass in the hallway in front of the classrooms as usual, but they should know that
  • 8:10 – CM: Semaphore
    • Rafael: A-N Review – Tr. NH 
    • Gabriel: O-U – Tr. J
    • Micae: V-Z – Tr. BH
  • 8:30 – NT: all about the U formation! – Tr. P
  • 9:00 – Bathroom Break!
  • 9:10 – Games/Songs/Bible Passage
  • 9:40 – wrap up – Tr. TN
  • 9:50 – seated (and quiet) and ready for Mass!


Until next time!

Gospel Reading
the little girl famous for perfect Disney cosplays is very concerned about Pikachu


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