1.17.16 – Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


The other side of new year’s that is. Happy 2016!

Sorry I haven’t  been updating regularly…. This post has a lot of info in it to make up for the lack of info these past few weeks, so I ask for your continued patience! 🙂

Today will be our second week in the Semaphore unit, which will continue through most of, if not all of, February. Semaphore teachers, since we’re having separate lessons for each of the cấp each week, please let me know ahead of time if you won’t make it to sinh hoạt that week so I can arrange subs. Also, semaphore is always scheduled as the first lesson of the day, so please be ready by the time sinh hoạt starts. You should be arriving before sinh hoạt time anyway, so this shouldn’t be hard. 🙂

So on my Curriculum Minimum Standards for AN, this is technically supposed to be achieved for ÂN chuyên môn:
(middle column – Lesson // right column: Objective, i.e., students should be able to…)

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But we only had 2 cấp last year and so we’re a bit off…. I use it as a loose guideline anyway. There’s some stuff on the standards we don’t teach anymore, and also songs I’ve never heard of in my life. In any case, these are our objectives for the semaphore unit. Please remember that các em should never need to hold the semaphore flags during any part of the lesson. As we were reminded during HT training, reading semaphore and doing semaphore are two different things, and các em only ever see one side of it unless they become HT in the future. So they should only be reading semaphore, never doing semaphore. I apologize as ngành trưởng since I should have known this, and even if I didn’t, I should have realized that if reading/doing semaphore confused me this much, it might probably also confuse the kids. I just figured I was really bad at semaphore, so it wasn’t my place to question the methods people use to teach it. Having the kids volunteer to do semaphore for each other as examples just seemed like a thing that everyone always did, so it felt normal and I thought nothing of it. But now we’re all on the same page about các em only ever seeing the reading side of semaphore, right? 🙂 Also, lesson plans in by Wednesday night!

Cool. Now moving on to the schedule for today. (Please note that if I list you as the HT doing the opening and closing for sinh hoat, you’re essentially truong truc for the day. I try to avoid putting you on a lesson so that you can keep time for the schedule, but sometimes we’re short on HT and can’t help it. Sorry if I was never clear with that before, but don’t be afraid to ask questions! No such thing as a dumb question. Usually. 😛 As a refresher for the new semester, I’ll be explaining a bit below.)

  • 8:00 – sinh hoạt begins with morning prayer! – Tr. P
    • tập họp cac em by blowing the morse for AN (•-/-•)
      • keep them in their three đội even if some doi are missing both ĐT/ĐP (-.-” choosing DT/DP was hard this year). I give them like, a minute to gather (sometimes they’re inside and don’t hear the whistle initially) and if I still don’t see a DT or DP for a team by then, I just pick someone from that team to so hang. If the DT/DP shows up during that time, I don’t let them come to their spot in the front because they were late and they can’t just cut in after someone else has fulfilled their responsibilities. But of course, these are only AN and it might not be their fault that they’re late so I let them be DT/DP again after the first tap hop and so hang time is over. …Honestly, I have no idea if this is appropriate procedure, but it works for me. #sorrynotsorry #correctmeifimwrong
      • if they’re sloppy, noisy, distracted, or otherwise not quick/quiet/organized when they so hang, don’t chào them; let them know you’re gonna make them redo it because they weren’t quick/quiet/organized. It’s important to reinforce how so hang should go and also to explain to them where they should improve. We have higher expectations because we know they can do it, so we want them to do well every time, not just sometimes. Only approve of them if they did well and/or did their best under the circumstances (like if the entire team is two kids, neither of whom are DT/DP). And they usually do this right, but for this year Micae should be doi truc on the far left of truong truc, as they are cap 3 and should know what they’re doing.
    • Kinh Dang Ngay, Kinh Ruoc Le Thieng Lieng, and AN Ca
      • these are the minimum for our morning prayer sessions; in the past I’ve seen older HT do more, but in my experience, since we often end up running late in the morning due to doan sinh (and HT) tardiness, I just stick to the main three to save on time. I mean, we’re just doing morning prayers, and kinh dang ngay covers that, right?
        • And it’s not just AN HT I’m talking about with lateness, cuz we’re usually pretty okay overall: it’s that it’s hard for some nganh to get started if that means another nganh will have their kids just left alone without an HT (because they’re late) or if a nganh that hasn’t started will be hanging around and distracting the nganh that have started (because they just haven’t started sinh hoat for some reason). It’s one of the reasons we face AN away from the rest of doan when we tap hop in the beginning: to keep them from getting distracted by nganh that are slow to start and/or HT or other kids who come in late. So…everyone should just be here and ready on time and everyone wins. 🙂
    • after prayers you can do a quick greeting if you want, especially if the kids seem half-asleep still: get them to shout good morning or something to wake them up. This is when I also ask if they’re cold to see if we need an impromptu warm-up session if I plan on staying outside, or to just get a gauge on whether we need to go inside. We have a lot of doan sinh in TNDS this year though, so rooms can get taken fast. Fortunately we’re AN so the other nganh tend to hy sinh for our kids if we both end up needing rooms…but we shouldn’t do that to them all the time, lol. At least our kids like to run around outside.
    • Then announcements!
      • Tet is coming up and TNDS will have two weeks off for Tet: Feb 7 and Feb 14, so we have both Dem Giao Thua and the day after the show/festival off.
      • on that note, today is already our halfway point in dance practice, so dance kids should still meet right after Mass in the hallway in front of the classrooms as usual.
    • lastly, inform the kids of which HT they’re going with before dismissing them to their lessons
  • 8:10 – CM: Semaphore
    • Rafael: A-G – Tr. NH
    • Gabriel: A-G + as much of H-N as they can handle – Tr. J
    • Micae: H-N – Tr. BH
    • to HT receiving cac em, we already do this, but just as a reminder, always receive cac em by calling them into the formation you want them to be in for your lesson. If they need to redo the formation, do it. It’ll help reinforce the NT we’ve learned.
    • Reminder to start your lesson with a prayer! I’m pretty bad at this when I have to do a lesson outside of a classroom cuz the environment’s different so I forget, but we’re supposed to start lessons with prayers, even if it’s just the Our Father or “Dear God, please help us to focus and learn our lesson well today. Amen.”
  • 8:30 – TK: Jubilee Year Prayers – Tr. MK
    • This isn’t in the curriculum, but it’s relevant to the kids’ lives right now as we’re reading these prayers at the end of every Mass from now until next November to celebrate the Dominican Order’s 800th anniversary year. And I personally don’t know 2 out of 3 of the prayers we read, so I wanted to make a prayer sheet for myself–might as well make it a lesson for cac em. 🙂
    • since this is a TK (Thánh Kinh) lesson and therefore pertains to the catechism and faith, this lesson plan is due an entire week before the lesson is to be taught. If the lesson doesn’t get reviewed and approved in time, it doesn’t get taught and the lesson doesn’t happen until it gets approved. This also applies to TT (Thánh Thể) lessons.
  • 9:00 – Bathroom Break!
  • 9:10 – Games/Songs
  • 9:40 – wrap up – Tr. P
    • tap hop cac em in hang doc, either in their doi or in boy-line/girl-line or one long line–however you see fit for how they’ll sit in Mass (if you do boys and girls separately, let the girls sit in the very front row, not the boys. 🙂 the girls squirm around slightly less so we have to tap their shoulders slightly less, haha)
    • closing reminders:
      • summarize morning announcements if necessary (and if time allows)
      • give new announcements if applicable
      • encourage cac em to use the restroom/get water on the way to their seats before Mass
      • fix their uniforms for Mass
      • if they’re not going to Mass they’ll stay with one of the HT downstairs until they get picked up or until 10:00am (if no one [an adult, not just an older doan sinh–ask me or someone else in BCH if it’s ambiguous] picks them up by 10am, they are to go to Mass: absolutely no excuses or other options. Their parents can come find them upstairs.)
  • 9:50 – seated (and quiet) and ready for Mass!

HT note: Today is the second dance practice for cac em (we only have four). Stay to help out with that if you can. 🙂 Also, with the prayer sheets, we’ll pass them out before Mass and have them keep them at their seats. They should be leaving the prayer sheets at the pews when they’re done with them. I’ll collect them and reuse them next week.

Sorry for writing with Vietnamese and English intertwined and being too lazy to deal with the glitches in Vietnamese type so only some of the Vietnamese is actually properly written. It should otherwise still all be grammatically correct in one language or the other. 😛



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