12.20.15 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

dwarf party

Christmas Activities Day!

We’ll be doing joint activities with nganh thieu, so it’ll be one big party. 🙂 You can choose which one you want to help with; otherwise I’ll assign by Friday or something so that we can be sure there’s enough manpower at each activity. Of course, things might get changed day of based on what the kids pick or something, so thank you in advance for your flexibility. ^^

Inside will be Santa’s Workshop!


AN/TN NT got together to get these ornament-making sticker sets for cac em to make. Everything’s pre-made and pre-set, so maybe we don’t actually need any supplies for it? (Up to you though, Tr. KP!) For sure we’ll need some male HT to stay in Santa’s Workshop so that cac em trai don’t think crafts are only for girls or whatever.


Outside will be Reindeer Games!


Um, I don’t know how this is gonna go actually, since I think nganh thieu might be effectively heading this…? I’ll keep you updated. But yeah, games all day, with a few breaks thrown in there somewhere. Probably.


Also, working on getting snacks and hot cocoa for doan today! Excited!


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let me know! 😀




Gospel Reading
Just for fun: big dog. tiny kitten. much adorable.


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