11.22.15 – The Solemnity Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Aaaaaaaaand welcome back!

Yay for our two new red scarves!


You’ve worked hard to get this far, and we’re looking forward to seeing you grow more and more as you blossom into amazing HT!

Now onto business!

  • 8:00 – sinh hoat begins with morning prayer! – Tr.MK
    • announcements: no sinh hoat for Thanksgiving weekend (next week: 11/29), so we’ll see cac em again Dec 6)
  • 8:10 – Hang Ngang (officially learning it today!)
    • Rafael (cap 1): Tr. KP (Tr. P)
    • Gabriel (cap 2): Tr. TN (Tr. C)
    • Micae (cap 3): Tr. BH (Tr. B)
  • 8:30 – Hang Doc (with multiple teams) + nghiem/nghi/chao – Tr.MK (but really, everyone please)
    • we’ll just have cac em make many hang doc about three times so that each team is truc at least once, so bring your whistle so you can help gather cac em so they can practice running to different HT! 🙂 (nghiem/nghi/chao is embedded in when they so hang, so we just have to check how they do)
  • 8:50 – Bathroom Break!
  • 9:00 – Game Time! – Tr. B
    • request from nganh truong: let’s try and avoid the dragon tails game for now, okay? 🙂
    • also, make sure they make a good circle~
  • 9:30 – Gospel Reading + wrap up – Tr. MK
  • 9:50 – seated and ready for Mass!

Quick note: This may or may not matter to you right now, but I’m gonna be scheduling and writing the rest of this semester’s posts well in advance. Like, “by the time you read this I should be done” in advance. I want to avoid writing them while I’m pressed for time and sleep-deprived (cuz I messed up last post due to that–apologies again!), and my work schedule doesn’t look so fun for holiday, so. haha….

In happier news, the rest of semester is largely review for cac em! (I’m moving semaphore to next semester, haha~) Review/game days mean lighter loads for HT because LPs for review sessions don’t have to be as in-depth and the kids will already be familiar with the material so we can play more. So PartTimers, let me know when you will be home, and FullTimers, just let me know if you won’t be at sinh hoat. The google spreadsheet currently reflects a tentative assignment schedule for lessons, so check that out if you’re curious. It can change though. 🙂


Gospel Reading for the week
Just for fun: CS Lewis’ low-key sass takes doodle and foreign-accent video form


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