3.29.15 – Palm Sunday

Today we’re doing a doan activity after checking in with AN on their Lenten Journey one last time before Easter. If the other nganh still need time before we can all gather, we’ll play a short game to fill in time. Exact details of the game are still TBD with other nganh truong, but I will let you know as soon as I can.

Also, because it’s Palm Sunday and we’re doing the procession into church with the palm leaves before Mass, please come earlier than usual to sinh hoat to help gather cac em and keep them busy before sinh hoat so they’re not in the way of the procession for first Mass.

quick overview of the rest of the year

April 5 – Easter! No TNTT

April 12 – MH6: Lights

April 19 – Movie Day (likely with nganh thieu)

April 26 – Review + TBA (depending on what doan wants to do for next week, we may adjust our finals)

May 3 – Last Day of TNTT (activities TBD)

I’ll let everyone know if anything changes. Thanks!

Readings for this week


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