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3.15.15 – Third Sunday of Lent

Hello all!

First, my sincere apologies for being late again.

For sinh hoat on Sunday, we’ll be doing nghiem tap review with Tr. T for as long as needed and after the Lenten Journey check-in, I will have games prepared for cac em to play. In-between, we will transition with song review. MH6 is in about four weeks, so that’s only about two Sundays to review basics for cac em so they don’t feel lost at camp. I think we’re working on a doan game or something for Palm Sunday, so that’s a Sunday that’s still open since we’re still working on the doan activity.

Permission slips for camp are due Palm Sunday (March 22). Lent retreat is March 28 from 1:00 to 4:30.

Possible games for this Sunday:

  • Star Wars: light vs dark? a battle against temptation? Jacob wrestles the angel?
  • Link Tag
  • River Bank: but with Morse code (. or -)  or ben phai/trai as signals
  • Ninja
  • Look Up/Down: but we’ll look up when the leader says “Au Nhi!” and instead of screaming, cac em will shout “Ngoan!”
  • Count the Fingers: a math game.
  • Mafia: except we’ll call it Spirit in Disguise or something, and the Holy Spirit will secretly go around blessing people (shaking hands with people and winking as the special signal), who once blessed, leave the game. If you figure out who is the Spirit in Disguise, you win.
  • that “shooting” game we played as kids, nham ban dung?
  • Active Telephone: basically telephone + charades
  • Count to Ten: the kids should remember this one
  • Blob Tag: a variation on link tag from above
  • Find the Leader: the pattern game

And if we somehow still don’t have enough games to play, we can fall back on the usual freeze/toilet tag, Mr. Fox, Red/Green Light, impromptu Pump It Up contest, etc.

As for the readings for this week, there are two options, and I’ll look into which will be read in the Mass we will celebrate.

Thanks for your patience! I look forward to seeing you soon. 🙂

Shine on!
Tr. MK

Readings for this week



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