2.22.15 – First Sunday of Lent

Hello everyone!

It’s the first Sunday of Lent! Also chúc mừng năm mới! 🙂

8:00 – 8:10 — Morning Prayers & Announcements – Tr. H
8:10 – 8:30 — TK: God Creates Humankind  – Tr. MK   / Isaac Blesses Jacob  – Tr. S
8:30 – 8:50 — Five Finger Prayer! (attributed to Pope Francis!) – Tr. QT
8:50 – 9:00 — Break
9:00 – 9:30 — Lent Journey, then games – Tr. MK 
9:30 – 9:40 — Gospel – Tr. TN
9:40 – 9:50 — Closing Prayers, Reminders, Sit for Mass  – Tr. H

Dance practice is likely to be short today! Also there is no sinh hoạt next week, as we will be on break for Tết. Festival is on Saturday, so please come support our parish and watch the show to see how cute and talented our đoàn sinh are!

Happy New Year!
Tr. MK

Readings for this week
Just for fun: Some of these youth group games are quite hilarious.
Days until Tết Ất Mùi: 4!!!


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