[UPDATED] 9.7.14 – the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

First day of TNTT!

First day of TNTT!


Welcome back everyone, and welcome to our new year of #LoveInAction!

For the first day we’ll go over rules and expectations in an effort to set up a structured year, and we’ll also play some ice-breaker games in order to get to know each other’s names! My goal is for all ÂN HT to know các em’s names by the first chào cờ (Oct 5). It would also help greatly for choosing Đội Trưởng/Phó for Bình Minh October 4. Or at least the kids in the cấp that will be your focus. Help me with attendance please. It should also be noted at các em should be encouraged (and reminded) to get in the habit of calling các HT either trưởng or anh/chị as well as saying please and thank you. 

8:00 – 8:10 — Morning Prayers and Welcome Back – Tr. K (in case we’ve forgotten, it’s kinh dâng ngày, kinh rước lễ thiêng liêng, and AN ca at minimum)

***8:10 – 9:30**** — Khai Mạc, Tết Trung Thu activities, “Love in Action” shirt design voting, name games and ice breakers, etc.

9:30 – 9:45 — Gospel Reading and Closing Prayers, Prep for Mass (encourage them to use the bathroom before Mass) – Tr. K

We should be seated in the pews by about 9:50.

(Gentle reminder for HT about our boundary and dismissal policy here: no non-SET-trained loitering and no leaving before 9:45. Parents have signed a Cha-approved contract about this.)

***Special notes for the first day back***

  • Well…I haven’t been updated on what time exactly we’ll be doing Khai Mạc–or anything else for that matter (the revision counter has stopped counting now because the count is 25+)–so watch out for that. Pick one of the older AN that we know to be DT for today. And all HT please come with at least one game each so we can fill in time. Preferably name games so we can learn all the new kids’ names.
  • We’re also going to be doing Tết Trung Thu activities with the other ngành as well. I don’t know when, but we’ll be leading a game after TN HT act out the story of chú Cuội who is the shadow on the moon. They say the reason why children light lanterns on this night is to guide chú Cuội back home, but since we’re in the daytime, we’ll be using our voices to guide our blindfolded friends back home as the game. You’ll lead this game assisted by NS HT and HS–probably. We’ll also be singing a trung thu song, but as of now I still don’t know who’s leading that or what song we’re doing. If another ngành asks for help, please be open to the opportunity~
  • I have some rehearsal stuff with BCH as well as họp phụ huynh at 9:30, so I’ll be in and out.
  • Tr. H, if you could bring your camera to take first day pics that’d be great (unless Tr. Q is using it for another ngành, of course).
  • This is the day we’ll be voting for the winning t-shirt design, so make sure all your submissions are in! Check our Facebook page for more info! Again, we’re winging it for when this actually happens.
  • Lastly, this is the day we have thăng cấp and tuyên thệ!!! Exciting!

Good luck everyone! I look forward to a new year working, collaborating, and playing with you all! As your new ngành trưởng I will do my best to serve you all in any way that I can. I’m open to any kind of feedback as well, so just let me know! Don’t forget to come ready for văn nghệ practice on Sep 14 as well! There’s an AN act to help with as well as a HT act to participate in: contact Tr. TN or Tr. H for details.

Special birthday shout-out to Tr. TN too! Thanks for all your hard work!

Peace out, everyone!


I got a rough timeline of when things happen!

After sorting out completed registration packets and which em goes where, we’ll start the morning in ngành until about 8:30 or 8:45 ish, when we’ll go into Khai Mạc. Additionally, we have two em who need to take an assessment test, so during this time I and at least one other HT will be administering that. I’ll let you know after I finish crafting the test. After khai mạc we should have a break and then move into Trung Thu Activities. As I said previously, we’re doing the game. I’ll explain more the day of, but basically we sort everyone into diverse teams among all ngành and blindfold everyone. Someone (either from the team or a HT/HS) will be calling to the team and each student in turn will try to navigate him/herself toward you to pass the goal line. The younger ngành (AN and TN) will have it easier, but to make it harder on the older kids, we can make them do the elephant spin before they walk. Make sure they turn toward whatever hand is straight to make it harder. 😉 Oh, and remember how this relates to chú Cuội’s story. If there’s time leftover…I’m still working on what’ll happen then. Thanks!

Readings for this week
#LoveInAction Passage


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